buynow.png X-Tacy 4-Finger 5250 

X-Tacy 4-Finger 5250

buynow.png X-Tacy 4 Finger Large 

X-Tacy 4-Finger Large 5275

buynow.png X-Tacy 3-Finger 5200 

X-Tacy 3-Finger 5200

buynow.png X-Tacy Smooth 

X-Tacy Brass 4-Finger 5292

Product Description

Winning shots don’t come easily and when it comes to shootability in a back tension release, nothing rivals the X-Tacy. The ergonomically correct handles feature critical surface area on the inside to eliminate any pinch points. Because of its sleek and streamlined design, the X-Tacy can be held deep in the hand or further out on your fingers.

  • ½ Moon design allows for a “click” and “no click” release.
  • Simple operation allows for reliable precision shooting at a competitive price point.
  • No finger fatigue or tingling fingers, even after hours of shooting.
  • Brass handles have substantial weight for a more stable feel.
  • Easy to adjust and maintain.

Whether you are a weekend competitor or someone who pays the mortgage by punching spots on paper, the X-Tacy is your best bet to reach the winner’s podium.

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