buynow.png   Accu Peep

Product Description

The best bowhunters refuse to overlook any of the details in their shooting, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. A peep sight is one of those details that can make or break a hunt. That is why Hot Shot has created the Accu-Peep. In contrast to most peep options, the Accu-Peep features a convex design similar to binoculars to gather and transmit as much light as possible to the shooter’s eye.

    Features of the Accu-Peep are:
  • Internal convex shape allows for:
    • Greater light gathering than convention peep sights.
    • Wider field of view than conventional peep sights of similar size.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction will not deform.
  • Deep-channel, smooth edges ensures served Peep sights stay in place.
  • 100% Cut Free Guarantee
  • Available in 4 lightweight sizes:
    • 1/8” Small (6.9 Grains)
    • 3/16” Medium (7.5 Grains)
    • 1/4" Large (11.0 Grains)
    • 5/16 Extra Large (13.2 Grains)
  • Available in 6 colors:
    • Black
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Pink

Serious shooters understand that not all peep sights are the same. The Accu-Peep will give you that extra few minutes in the morning and evening when the light is low to make the shot.p>

Kiss of Death Kisser ButtonTM

buynow.png Kisser Button

Product Description

The new for 2013 Hot Shot Kiss of Death is nothing short of the best kisser button on the market. Period. Its unique design is both lightweight and forgiving. Constructed of a proprietary flex-touch material, this super-soft accessory is one-of-a-kind and designed to be gentle on your face in the event there is contact of any kind. Gone are the days of scraped and scratched lips and noses from rigid, uncomfortable and outdated kisser designs. With its unique shape and construction the Kiss of Death reduces speed loss through arrow release and offers the additional benefit of some string dampening. Available in red, black and pink.Product Description

Pro PointTM


buynow.png Pro Points

Product Description

Hot Shot's Pro Point is a unique twist on modern field point technology.  Because of their distinct contoured design and nickle plating, removal from any style target is a snap.  Each unit features our exclusive Red o-ring to keep your points tight during even the most extensive shooting sessions.  Sold 6 points per pack and available in 75, 100 and 125 grain weights in 17/64, 9/32 and 5/16 to fit today’s most popular shaft sizes.